Regular presenter for CLE seminars, 1987 through 2010

Death Penalty Seminar, November, 2010
Sponsor:  OACDL
Topic:  Representing the Difficult Client

Death Penalty Seminar, May, 2010
Sponsor:  Ohio Bar Association
Topic:  Case Update

Death Penalty Seminar, May, 2009
Sponsor:  Ohio Bar Association
Topic:  Federal Habeas Overview

Death Penalty Seminar, November 21, 2008
Sponsor: Ohio Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
Topic: Overview of Seminar Subjects

Death Penalty Seminar, June 27, 2008
Sponsor: Ohio Public Defender Office
Topic: Habeas Corpus - Exhaustion

Death Penalty Seminar, March, 2007, Cleveland, Ohio
Sponsor: OACDL
Topic: Jury Instructions

Guest Lecturer, Lake Erie College, Annually for Law and
 Psychology Course taught by Dr. James Eisenberg, Ph.D.

Death Penalty Seminar, May, 2006, Columbus, Ohio
Sponsor: Ohio State Bar Association
Topic: Prosecutor Misconduct

Death Penalty Seminar, November, 2005, Columbus, Ohio
Sponsor: OACDL
Topic: Practical Concepts for Trial Attorneys

Prosecutorial Misconduct and Ring Cases Seminar,
May, 2003

Voir Dire, April, 2003

Habeas, January, 2003

 Guest Speaker of Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge, England, 2002

OHSBA Death Penalty Seminar (Death Qualification),
June 7-8, 2001

OHSBA Death Penalty Seminar (Appellate Practice),
June 15-16, 2000

Death Penalty Seminar (Voir Dire, Penalty Phase Instructions),
April 20-21, 2000

Death Penalty Semiar (Voir Dire, Jury Instructions),
May 21-22, 1999)
Death Penalty Seminar, November 18-20, 1998
Death Penalty Seminar, Mary 11-12, 1997
Capital Appellate Seminar, November 5-6, 1996
Capital Litigation Seminar, June 1-2, 1995
OACDL Capital Litigation Seminar, December 1-2, 1994
Capital Litigation Seminar, July 14-15, 1994
Capital Litigation Seminar, December 1-3, 1993
Capital Litigation Seminar, March 4-5, 1993
Capital Litigation Seminar, May 7-8, 1992
Cleveland State University Litigation Seminar,
February 29, 1992
Capital Litigation Seminar, June 1-2, 1990
OACDL Capital Litigation Seminar, July 13-14, 1989
Ohio Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers Seminar,
June 2-4, 1989
A defense attorney
must be skilled in
all areas to be able
to provide the best
advice to his client.
Mr. Doughten is a frequent speaker at criminal defense training
seminars.  The seminars are required attendance by attorneys to
sustain their license to practice.  The topics range from jury selection at
trial, motions practice, appellate updates to habeas training.  

The following are seminars which Mr. Doughten was the speaker.