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State v. Drummond, Case No. 11-3039/3024, 6th Cir., August, 2013,
Reversed for new trial in Death Penalty case based upon violation of
public trial.

State v. Hicks, Case No. CA95133, Court of Appeals, Eighth
Appellate District, Cuyahoga County, July 21, 2011, Aggravated
murder conviction, Reversed and Remanded for a new trial because
of prosecutor misconduct and failure of court to limit misconduct.  
Prosecutor accused defense counsel of informing defense witnesses
how to testify, including the content, through the cross-examination
of a defense expert.

Michael Dean Scott v. Houk, Warden, Ohio S. Ct. 2009-1369,
Certified question from the federal district court accepted by the
Supreme Court of Ohio to determine proper procedure for bringing
lethal injection challenge in the Ohio courts.  This matter has been
briefed by the parties but not decided as of this posting.

Ohio v. Lazarita Menendez, CR 528365, Parmadale Employee
charged with involuntary manslaughter and child endangering,
Acquittal, 2010.

U.S. v. Wassim Mazloum, first terrorism trial in Ohio, 06 CR 730,
tried March through June, 2008 in Northern District of Ohio.  
Sentenced 8 years.

U.S. v. Thomas Galan, first indicted federal death penalty case in
Northern District of Ohio before Chief Judge James Carr, 06 CR
719.  Life verdict by jury, December, 2007.

U.S. v. Frank Wheeler, -03-739A largest Federal RICO trial in
Ohio.  Conspiracy reversal on double jeopardy by Sixth Circuit
(Gary Crim on appeal CA 05-3140). Argued throughout trial
substantive RICO and RICO Conspiracy were violation.  Court of
Appeals agreed.

Isaac Howard, capital trial, hung jury (acquittal on prior calculation
resulted in subsequent plea), Cuyahoga County, 2000.

Nathan "Boo" Herring, capital trial, life verdict, Jefferson County,
Ohio, 2000.  Double homicide of Franciscan College students.

Tyrone Madden, acquittal of Aggravated Murder charge, Cuyahoga
County, 1999.

Ronald Gunter, acquittal of Aggravated Murder charge, Cuyahoga
County, 1997.

Susan Gribben, capital trial, Tuscarawas County, acquitted by jury of
killing her four children, 1996.  Accused of being the second Susan

Thomas Lee Dillon, serial killer (hunter in woods) plea to life, Noble
County, 1994.  Featured in Discovery Channel documentary.


State v. William Randall, IV, reversal, Eighth District Court of
Appeals, Cuyahoga County, CA 99721 (2013)

Scott v. Houk, 2010 Ohio 5808, Supreme Court of Ohio
Successfully convinced Court that Ohio has no viable procedure for
challenging lethal injection protocol, thus preserving the right to
challenge the procedure for Mr. Scott and others similarly situated.

State vs. Robert Watson, reversal, Eighth District Court of Appeals,
Cuyahoga County, CA 90962 (2009)

State vs. William Taylor, reversed, Eighth District Court of Appeals,
Cuyahoga County, CA 91898 (2009)

State vs. Donna Roberts, reversal of death sentence in Ohio
Supreme Court, (2006) 110 Ohio St. 3d 71.

Dickerson vs. Bagley, reversal of death sentence in Sixth Circuit
Court of Appeals, 453 F. 3d 690 (6th Cir. 2006) (Three judge panel
finds life on remand sentencing hearing 8/14/2008).

State vs. Shawn Williams, II, Statute allowing new penalty phase
jury not retroactive, (2004) 103 Ohio St. 112.

State vs. Shawn Williams, reversal of death sentence in Ohio
Supreme Court, (2003) 99 Ohio St. 3d 493.

State vs. J.D. Scott, prepare amicus to Ohio Supreme Court on
behalf of OACDL on constitutionality of competency statute for first
non-volunteer defendant, (2001) 92 Ohio St. 3d 1, 2001.

Richard Eberling, accused of being killer of Marilyn Shepherd, 1989
- died 1998.

State vs. Dorion Hill, (1991), Cuyahoga App. No. 57334, unreported,
jurisdiction denied 62 Ohio St. 2d 1422 (1991), death sentence
reversed on appeal.

Kenneth Green, reversal of capital conviction and sentence, (1998)
81 Ohio St. 100.

J.D. Scott II, (1988) Cuyahoga App. No. 53120 death sentence

Carroll Dean Pless, reversal of death penalty and conviction, (1996)
74 Ohio St. 3d 333.

Tyson Dixon, CA 68338, reversal of death sentence, Cuyahoga
County, 1996.

Theodore Soke, reversal of death sentence, Eighth District,
Cuyahoga County, (1995) 105 Ohio App. 3d 226.

Sterling Barnes, Lucas County, 1989, only grant of new sentence
based upon post-conviction proceedings of death sentence since
inception of death penalty in 1982.

State vs. Grewell, prepare amicus to Ohio Supreme Court on behalf
of CCDLA, recordation of grand jury proceedings required in Ohio,
(1989) 45 Ohio St. 3d 4.
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