To be an effective
criminal defense
counsel, an attorney
must be prepared to
be demanding,
outrageous, irreverent,
blasphemous, a rogue, a
renegade, and a hated,
isolated and lonely
person...few love a
spokesman for the
despised and the

Clarence Darrow
 Criminal law


 Habeas Corpus

 Capital Cases

 Federal & State
Welcome to our web site, and thank you for taking the time to
learn more about the firm.  David L. Doughten is AV rated by
Martindale-Hubbell.  He limits his practice exclusively to criminal
defense.  Because a criminal
defense lawyer must be skilled in all
aspects of the criminal justice procedure, his practice is divided
equally between trial and appellate work.  This includes
misdemeanor and felony trials, direct appeals, post-conviction and
habeas representation.  He is equally experienced in state and
federal representation.  He has extensive experience in death
penalty litigation, in all areas of the process.  

This website is designed to enable you to familiarizing yourself
with Mr. Doughten's background and experience.  Hopefully, this
will help you determine if he is the right attorney for your case.